The Fordham Corporate Law Forum

The Fordham Corporate Law Forum is the nexus between the Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law and the Corporate Law Center. The Forum is a platform for students, professors, practitioners, and the public to weigh in on matters covering the full spectrum of business law, including corporate governance, finance, securities, bankruptcy and much more, in a format that is more dynamic and flexible than that of a traditional Journal. Additionally, the Forum is the institutional repository for coverage of both the Journal and Corporate Law Center’s events.

If you are interested in contributing to the online forum, please contact our Online Managing Editor:  Jordan Lieber

If you are interested in contributing to our print publication, please contact our Senior Articles Editor:  James Ross Curely.

Fordham Law

Fordham Law is one of the 20 top law schools measured in terms of Class of 2011 initial employment with Big Law and federal clerkships. It is also one of the top 25 most selective law schools in the nation, measured in terms of LSAT scores of its most recent entering class. U.S. News and World Report “America’s Best Graduate Schools” 2013 edition ranks Fordham Law in the top tier overall, with the part-time, evening program ranked 5th in the nation. The main campus, located in New York City on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, puts Fordham Law School in the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities, opening countless opportunities for students.

- Fordham Corporate Center